General rules

You cannot enter the library with food and drink, and smoking is not allowed in the library.

Mobile phones cannot be used in the library building.

Users are responsible for their belongings. The Library Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Our library collection is protected by an electronic security system. No publication can be taken out of the library without permission. In such a situation, legal action will be taken.


Academic, Administrative, Contracted staff and Gazi University students who are members of Gazi University can become a member of the Library.

University ID card or student certificate and a photograph  is sufficient for registration.

Students can benefit from the library provided that they renew their membership at the beginning of each academic year.

External users (Academicians - Protocol Users) can use the library.

Members are obliged to comply with the library rules from the moment they become a member.

Borrowing, Returning, Extension and Reserve Transactions

All users who are members of the library can borrow publications from the library.

It is mandatory to show the library member card or university ID each time a publication is borrowed.

it is not possible to borrow publications, to extend time, to make reservations, and to transfer the purchased publications to other persons. with a library card belonging to another user.

All library resources can be borrowed, except for counseling resources, resources in the Closed Section, theses, periodicals and audio-visual materials.

The borrowing limit and period for Academic Staff is 20 books for 2 months;   Administrative Staff - Contracted Staff 6 books for 15 days; Doctorate Students 10 books for 1 month; Master Students  8 books for 1 month and  Undergraduate Students it is 5 books for 15 days.

Users can extend the borrowing period unless someone else reserves them.

Users can view and follow the Library transactions they have made on the web page in the user transactions section.

Academic, administrative, contracted personnel, undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students can make extensions from the user transactions area on the Library website. For Academic staff 10 times, Master and Doctorate students 5 times, administrative-contracted staff and graduate students 4 times and readers who are members of the protocol and cooperation between libraries have the right to extend at the most 2 times. Library material that has been reserved and has an expired extension date must be returned to the library.

Reservation can be made for publications that are borrowed by someone else; If the reserved publications are not picked up within 3 days and if there is another reader waiting in the queue, they are given to the next reader, if there is no reader in the queue, the publication is sent to the shelf. 

Members with overdue publications cannot borrow again or make an extention without returning the items and paying the overdue fee.

Overdue Publications and Penalties

The library tries to alert readers who have overdue publications, but the responsibility rests with the reader.

A daily overdue fee is charged for each publication that is not returned on the due day.

Members are obliged to deliver the lost or damaged print to the library within 1 week by purchasing existing Turkish publications. In the event that Turkish publications that are not available are lost or damaged, the members pay the current market price determined by the library commission for each year.

If the lost or damaged publication is foreign; 30% compensation is added to the price determined by its cost and the amount paid is calculated on that day's exchange rate as announced by the Central Bank.

Registration Withdrawal

Upon graduation or in case of dismissal from the school for any reason, students are required to return the publications they have borrowed and pay the penalty, if any, to obtain a "not affiliated" certificate from the Central Library.

Academic and administrative staff who leave the university for more than 2 months on leave, or are assigned to another institution, have resigned or retired are obliged to withdraw their registration at the Central Library.

Members who leave the university who hold a publication belonging to the library are notified to the Rector's Office.