E-Resources Usage Rules

Instructions for The Use of Electronic Resources

Gazi University Central Library has subscribed to many electronic resources as a result of its licensing agreements with publishers and companies. Any violation of the rules in the agreements made by any person may result in the closure of the databases to our University temporarily, and in some cases, the agreement is canceled and the databases are completely closed to our University.


A certain number of printed or electronic copies can be obtained (for example, a single article, part of a book, a single thesis)

You can use it to meet your own information needs. (For example, research or courses)

You can share the information obtained from the databases with the personel and students within Gazi University.


Copying a large number of publications and transferring them to personal computers using robots and similar software from databases systematically or for commercial purposes.

Selling and distributing database content

Transferring the information copied from the database to people outside of our University.

Distribution of content information or articles copied from the database with e-mail lists.

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