In order to support Gazi University's education, training and research activities, it is to provide modern and universal information access services by meeting the information and document needs of Gazi University Members.


Supporting Gazi University's education, training, scientific research and development activities; Developing its services, collection, technological infrastructure and equipment in the light of contemporary developments; To be an information document center that meets all kinds of information needs of users and has national and international recognition.


Information services with the core values of our university require:


  • Quality service concept,
  • Target audience satisfaction (focused on user satisfaction),
  • Being open to cooperation,
  • Participation and transparency in management,,
  • Neutrality,
  • Integrity – reliability,
  • Stable and willing,
  • Respecting freedom of thought,
  • In accordance with professional ethics,
  • Sharer,
  • Effective use of resources and achieving goals, has a corporate culture.


  • Devoted,
  • Responsible,
  • Have team spirit and work discipline,
  • Participatory and transparent in management, idealist


  • Following the technological developments,
  • Believing in the universality of knowledge and science,
  • Open to change, providing a suitable environment and opportunity for the development and good service of employees.


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