Values and Goals


Believing in the universality of knowledge and science, respectful, honest, reliable, hardworking, self-sacrificing, adopting scientific and ethical working rules, self-sacrificing, responsible, team spirit and work discipline, participatory and transparent in management, idealistic, constantly improving itself, having a corporate culture , with its stable and willing staff,

By adopting the understanding of quality service; focused on user satisfaction, in line with professional ethics, respectful of freedom of thought and impartial, open to cooperation and sharing, following technological developments and ensuring the effective use of resources; trying to reach the goals set.


  • To support Gazi University's education, training, scientific research and development activities,
  • To develop the collection with new printed, electronic, audio-visual information resources,
  • To have modern information technologies and advanced technological infrastructure,
  • To be an information and document center at international standards with its personnel, collections and services that will meet all kinds of information needs of users at the highest level.



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