Interlibrary Cooperation

  • It is the loan/e-mail of publications that are not in the collection of Gazi University Central Library from libraries at home and abroad.
  • All our readers who are academic staff of Gazi University can benefit from this service.
  • The postage fee and the service fee to be determined by the relevant libraries, if any, belong to the reader.
  • For requests, it is necessary to fill out the Inter-Library Cooperation Form or the Inter-Library Cooperation Unit from the Website of our Library.
  • Borrowed book requests domestically in 3 days, abroad in about 15 days; requests that can be met as e-mails are instantly delivered to the reader.
  • The reader will be notified by email when the publication arrives.
  • The publication can be borrowed from our Library's Inter-Library Collaboration Unit; according to the rules of the lending library, it can be delivered back to the same unit at the end of the period of use.
  • If the request is abandoned after it has been made, if the request has been processed, the reader is obliged to pay the postage and the service fee determined by the relevant library.
  • A user can bring a total of 5 publications both domestically and abroad within the month. In addition, if a desired publication from abroad is available domestically, it is brought from domestic sources.
  • For printed or electronic publications in the collection of our library, publications are not brought in cooperation between libraries. Publications that are in our collection and are on loan are not processed and the return of the relevant publication is expected.
  • Intra-Ankara publication requests are not met through inter-library cooperation.
  • A requested publication from abroad is only brought from abroad if it is not available at home.
  • It is also the responsibility of the reader not to photocopy the entire publication and/or not to reproduce it by other methods.


Our library has made protocols with Ankara University, Ankara Social Sciences University  , Atılım University, Bilkent University, METU, Yıldırım Beyazıt University and the Court of Account; protocol forms can be accessed from the Library web page.

  • 2 copies of the Protocol forms found at this address must be filled in and approved by our library. One copy must be taken to the library that is being applied to.
  • These forms are renewed 3 times a year (1st of March, July, October).
  • The forms must be submitted to Ankara University and METU Libraries within 10 days at the latest after receipt from Gazi University Library and to Bilkent University Library within 5 days.
  • Protocol members can benefit from libraries within the rules of lending.
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