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Artstor is a broad topic for academics and students beyond the limits of disciplineprovides a complete image source in the range. In nearly 300 collections of more than 2.5 million images, materials such as Native American art from the Smithsonian, treasures from the Louvre and panoramic, 360-degree landscapes of Hagia Sophia can be examined in a single easy-to-use source.

(Trial Period: 30th June 2021)

Brill COVID-19 Collection In order to support research on the COVID-19 pandemic and coronaviruses affecting the whole world, Brill publishing house makes books and articles available on topics such as public health, distance education, crisis research.
Ebsco EBook Academic Collection

The EBSCO eBook Academic Collection is an interdisciplinary full-text ebook database with access to more than 193,000 ebooks.

(Trial Period: May 01, 2021)

Education Source

It is a database of more than 2000 journals, 550 books and conference papers.

(Trial Period: 01st May , 2021)

Elsevier COVID-19 Resource Center Elsevier; The COVID-19 Resource Center platform has been launched. (Includes Cell, Lancet and SSRNi)
Elsevier Engineering Resources for the COVID-19 Response Elsevier is a platform created in relation to COVID-19 from the contents of engineering drawings.

It is a database in which you can access more than 24,000 ebooks.

(Trial Period: 01st May , 2021)


Global Plants is a basic resource for teaching and research in botany, ecology and conservation studies, prepared with the contributions of people working in this field. It contains more than two million objects, including high-resolution samples, as well as primary sources such as reference studies and correspondence, diaries, images and photographs.

(Trial Period:30th of June , 2021)

ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database ProQuest (COVID-19) has created the Coronavirus Research Database to respond to the rapidly increasing need for competent content. The new interdisciplinary resource enables researchers to search and discover full-text articles, dissertations, and other content from major publishers in one place.
Proquest Publicly Available Content Database The ProQuest Publicly Available Content Database is the ProQuest Open Access database where many multidisciplinary open access resources are compiled and created.
Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Library Solution database; It is a language training set containing 30 languages, including English, French, German and Turkish, which can be benefited by users of different levels.

Note: Computer access: 1-) Click on the access link 2-) Enter your corporate email address, password you have just set and register by selecting the language you want to learn 3-) Click on the Launch Rosetta Stone Foundations link and log in.

Mobile access: 1-) First access from the computer and create an account with your corporate email address 2-) Install Rosetta Stone on your mobile device and log in 3-) In sign in, click Work or School 4-) Add and log in to the Namespace section, as well as the username and password you created from the computer.

(Trial Period: 15th of May , 2021)

Taylor and Francis COVID-19 One of its academic publishers, Taylor&Francis, has made all its publications on this subject open access in order to contribute to the coronavirus pandemic process. All journal articles and book chapters that may be related to coronavirus can be accessed.
University of Toronto Press

It is a database of more than 40 journals of the University of Toronto publishing house in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences and Health Sciences.

(Trial Period:12th of May , 2021)

Wikilala It is a database that allows you to search with Latin letters in printed texts (newspapers, magazines, books) printed during the Ottoman period.
(Trial Period: December 31, 2021)
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